Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront is a well known title for us - the first two games of this popular series were part of the ESL for years. So it is not surprising that the newest version of the Battlefront series got demanded a lot within our forums. Therefore we are proud to announce the first tournament which will be an intense Drop Zone competition in a 4on4+ setup. In this news we want to give you a brief overview of the ruleset and the tournament structure. So let's get started!

The Game Mode: Drop Zone

Two teams compete over the capture of drop pods. A map’s maximum length is 15 minutes in length. Achieving victory requires a team to capture 5 pods before the other. It can also be won by capturing more pods than the other team by the end of 15 minutes. Pods are not dropped in a set order except the first pod, which drops at a set location throughout each individual map. If a pod is not captured after a substantial amount of time another is dropped while the original pods progress continues its course. No more than two can be active at the same time.


Battlefront 4on4+ Drop Zone Cup #1

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 19:30 - 19:40 CET)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until Saturday, 19:29 CET
Date: Saturday, May 21st
Start: 20:00 CEST
Size: Unlimited
Structure: Single Elimination
Coverage: Brackets & Members

Note: To avoid late playing times for EU teams only the first four rounds will be played on May 21st, if there are more than 16 teams signing up the remaining matches will be played on May 28th.

Quick Rules

  • Mode: Best of Three - Drop Zone
  • Players: 4vs4+
  • Bans: Scan Pulse, Explosive Shot, Berserker Trait, and all DLC items.
  • Map pool: Dune Sea Exchange, Swamp Crash Site, Goazan Badlands, Rebel Depot, Twilight on Hoth, Sulfur Fields, Raider Camp, Jawa Refuge, Ice Caves
  • Map Pick: We will use the map veto system. The higher seeded team will ban first. Maps will be banned alternately until there are 3 maps remaining.
  • Map hosts: The higher seed will host first and third maps. The lower seed will host the second map.

Check-In System

These cups use the ESL check-in system, below is a brief introduction of how this works.

Step 1 - Registration (Green)
Here you can sign-up for the cup, but you will have to confirm your spot later.

Step 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts you will have to confirm your spot. After doing so you are secured a spot in the tournament.

Step 3 - Entering (Red)
Still free spots left? 20 minutes before the cup starts sign up's open again and you can join the cup even if you didn't sign up for it on beforehand.

Info and Support

In case of trouble or doubts, feel free to contact us via Support Ticket.
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May the force be with us!
May the force be with you all! Warum nicht über PC? Wird das irgendwann kommen?
Awsome! I'm waiting of a PC-Tournment.
Fantastic! :-)
Wait for the PC Tournament
Right, PC next please ;)
Right, PC next please ;)
let's rock it
Enige ;))
We need PC Tournament!
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