UT4 MMC June Results and more
Are you an active Unreal Tournament Duel player?

Every month we reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. All you need to do is play matches in the ladder, if you are the most active player, you win! Check out the winners of 1on1 Ladders MMC of last month!

Duel Ladders June MMC

European MMC June Winner is AntechristuM with 31 played matches! She is awarded with 1 Month of ESL Premium and Unreal Tournament Swag! Runner-ups are pennsylvania with 23 matches and JSkey with 20 matches played.

North American ladder doesn't have a MMC June Winner as the most active player played only 3 matches during June.

Duel Ladders June Statistics

In June 2016 total of 167 Duel matches were played in European ladder and only 14 matches in North American ladder.
Table on the right is statistic of played maps voted with ESL Mapvote system.

Featured stream:
1st place r4Wk vs 3rd place rePete.

Check the full rankings or signup at:
Duel Ladder Europe
Duel Ladder North America.

Duel Ladders July MMC

And again we will award the most active player in the ladder with ESL Premium and since previous month with Unreal Tournament Swag, powered by Epic Games.

Zenith Cup #1

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate to DogFucer on winning 1on1 Zenith Test Cup #1 and thanks all the participants for providing feedback about possible new duel map. DM-Zenith cup will be played once more and the map will probably replace one of the least played maps. Stay tuned!

Info & support

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via Support Ticket or join our Discord server.

Pickup games on IRC

If you're looking to get involved in some of the action leading up to the cups, why not check out #UT4.eu or #UT4pugs @ GlobalGamers. Those are active channels with pickup games for all modes.

Vote for more ladders in forum thread.

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