ESL AAPG Open League Summer 2015 Europe
The former seasonal events will be replaced by a global coordinated new seasonal event: The ESL Open Leagues!
The ESL Open Leagues will always be played with the single elimiantion, groupstages and playoffs format as we think that's the best and most competitive format.
The matches will be played 5on5, but because it's summer and maybe some teams will have some trouble finding 5 people, if both teams will agree on it the matches can be played 4on4, but if they don't the matches must be played 5on5 as default.
If the full release of the game will launch in the middle of the cup, we will probably stop the cup for a week or so, but if it will launch before the start of the cup we might change some rule or the map pool.
Information Start Date: 5th July 2015, 20:00 CEST
Available Slots: + 16 teams
Team Size: 5on5
Game Mode: Group Stage + Playoffs
Match Mode: Group Stage: bo1 Playoffs: bo3
Mappool: Springstreet_EX, Innerhospital_EX, Watchdog_C4, Siege_EX, Harborassault_TH, Intercept_EX, Shadowstep_EX

Schedule Sign Up open: 15 June 2015
Sign Up closed: 28th June 2015
First matchweek: 5th July - 12th July 2015
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Prizes for the winners

ESL Premium Account
1st Place: 6x3 Months
2nd Place: 6x2 Months
3rd Place: 6x1 Month

Cup Winner:
Special Summer Award

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