Insurgency Firefight Spring Cup 2015
Spring is coming! Like every year the ESL is hosting several spring cups, today we'd like to introduce the Insurgency 5on5 Firefight Spring Cup 2015 Europe. All details and information about this cup can be found right here in this news. As we expect a lot of participants the cup will be splitted over a few weeks.
There will be 3 days in between each round so you should have more then enough time to play your matches in time. On top of that we added a Double Elimination system to our brackets so everyone gets a second chance when you loose!
In case you plan to stream or to cast matches please send us a support ticket with your Twitch.TV account!

Insurgency 5on5 Spring Cup 2015 Europe

Signup now!
Sunday 12th April
Sign up until: 20:00 CEST
Start: 20:00 CEST (19:00 GMT)
Size: 32
Structure: Double Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps:Verticality, District, Heights, Market, Ministry, Panj, Peak, Siege, Uprising
Map Selection: Map Elimination
Mode: Firefight
XvsX: 5vs5
Rounds: MR16, First to 9, Switchside-vote after 8 rounds played.


Gameaccount registered
Have fun!

Please make sure that servers are running the correct configurations. We did some slight changes to Maxrounds and Sideswap, so please use the following configs for your servers.

All players in the team that will be playing in the cup need to have their gameaccounts added on the ESL site!

Server Settings

We will use the official Insurgency Theater files created by the developer. Please make sure to download the new theater and server files!

Downloads: Via Dropbox
Important - Place both cfg files into the /insurgency/cfg/ folder of your server. This is only server sided so its not necessary to copy them into your client folder!

Prizes for the winners

ESL Premium Account
1st Place: 5x3 Months
2nd Place: 5x2 Months
3rd Place: 5x1 Month

Cup Winner:
Special Spring Award

What is Insurgency?

It is a team-focused modern military action game where a team's survival depends on securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply.

Feedback requested!

The ESL is here for the players and we would like to know what you think about cups and what these should contain. Also we now have our ESL Insurgency Steam Group up and running. Make sure you join to keep up to date with news and event announcements!

Your Admin Team
3838575, Tuesday, 31/03/15 14:48
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Awesome! This is great for the community.
Why do you use the Competitive theater instead of the one from the community cup?
Nail wrote:
Why do you use the Competitive theater instead of the one from the community cup?

There is more than one reason:

#1 We dont want to use a theater that was made and tested by another league without their permission. I would not like that either.
#2 There is no need to split the community into DGL and ESL whith both using the same theater.
#3 By using the official FF theater we support NWI and promote the game as it is (default_comp).
#4 Its easier and more userfriendly for new players/teams to play a theater they know from the competetive part ingame (most of the new teams never heard of the DGL theater before).

For those who dont like the default FF comp theater, the DGL is running the DGL FF theater in their leagues and cups Give it a try (if you havent tried yet).
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Is this only for teams located in Europe? Or can anyone sign up?
KingDeDeDe wrote:
Is this only for teams located in Europe? Or can anyone sign up?

None of our tournaments/ladders/leagues has region restrictions so feel free to sign up.
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DGL theater is really nasty. Official NWI will always be better as it's been designed by the developers.
... hi .. any possibility to play the next cups in another day? sunday for my team, and maybe for other clans, it's a difficult day... In sunday my teammates go out with girlfriend or friends (the good days are coming in spring) ... it's really impossible for us to play in sunday...
i think we cant find 5 players for the imminent spring cup... i'm so sad...
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Read the announcement again:
"There will be 3 days in between each match so you should have more then enough time to play your matches in time."
I miss that... but i can't understand what it meaning....
in sunday, 19.30/20.00 we must confirm with the checkin system... and then? we can play the first match in monday (for example)?
Quicksilver wrote:
I miss that... but i can't understand what it meaning....
in sunday, 19.30/20.00 we must confirm with the checkin system... and then? we can play the first match in monday (for example)?

No, we disabled the checkin so your team is a part of the cup when you signed up and received the "Signup accepted" - mail.
I won't be participating in any future cups with this ridiculous 3-day match time. If people want to play a cup they can show up on the day and play. It's crazy to ask people to schedule matches every 3 days for nearly 2 weeks to account for teams who can't get their players together.
Yeah, completely agree that any time span to play a game other than the time of the cup makes no sense and is completely ludicrous. There is a sign up and sign in for a reason. The sign in should be done when you have a full team and can play. It shouldn't be expected for teams who are there to have to schedule up to 3 days.
Agree. At the very minimum, the first match should be played on the cup start.
i think this is a good idea for who cannot play in sunday... My teammates say that the real life has the priority on sunday :-P ...
@Steve, Bishop
I agree, A normal cup should be played on one day(night). But with such cups you dont get a first view on how many teams are interested for a "long-term" engagement in the ESL. Thats what we wanted to find out by hosting this Spring Cup.
All the cups before have been held as 1-Day cups. Due to several complaints, that there is interest but the date and time just doesnt fit, we decided to do the next cup with more slots and more time per match.
Those settings have been there since the first news of Spring Cup - so for more than a week. Teams signed in day by day, but not everyone seems to read the whole news carefully I guess.

You Feedback is welcome though, there will be more 1-day Cups in the future, with a lower amount of slots.

Doable, but still 3-4 teams would not have signed in then only because of the time/date set. You cant do the best for all the teams out there, you have to find a compromise.

@ All
Please feel free to post feedback and suggestions (also/especially about the theater/configs) in the ESL Steamgroup Discussions:
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@ Pink & Face
I think it is a good system for those teams who wish to play but can't on the day, but perhaps a system could be put in place so that those teams could be paired together in the seeds to play against each other and not impede the play of the other teams on the start day.

Also I found that most of the teams new to ESL that we spoke to were under the impression that the 3 day grace period was actually mandatory and had to be used fully before playing a game.
I think stating that it is a fall back and is there if teams need to use it if they have roster or timetabling issues should be emphasized and that should hopefully clear up any confusion. Other than that I feel that this cup is great for the community and these issues should be looked at as teething problems that will come with any new community. I personally look forward to working with the ESL admin team as a member of the community and my team to help improve it for everyone's benefit.
I'll give myself a cookie and see myself out now... :/
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Yeah, I definitely overreacted on the first day of the cup and I apologise. I understand that the 3-day system solves scheduling problems for some teams but it creates them for others. Maybe an effort should be made to put the teams that are available on start day in one half of the bracket so they can get as many games as possible played on the day?

Also, the description of the 3-day rule was poorly written and created a lot of confusion for new and experienced teams alike. It might be a good idea to discuss things like that with some people outside the admin team before scheduling a cup/league to make sure that confusing or contradictory language is addressed early on.

GG to i5, the final was amazing and well worth the wait
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Is there a current season/tournament page for Insurgency? Also I noticed that there is no restriction for locations of team, but are all servers EU based?
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