Bromance vs. Dogsclan
Contestants Parameters
 21.  24.

Status: closed
MatchID 33614145
Date Monday, 11 April 20:00
Calculated Friday, 15 April 22:53
Map 1 Market
Map 2 District
best_of 2
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Result Media
2 : 0
Bromance wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 15 April 22:47
uploaded with ESL Wire district.jpg*
201 kB, Friday, 15 April 22:47, by (dogs::)
Friday, 15 April 22:46
uploaded with ESL Wire market.jpg*
198 kB, Friday, 15 April 22:46, by (dogs::)
* No longer available


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Map Selection & Pistol Round:
At first each team bans one map from the cycle, than pick the map to be played on (matches are best of 2, each team picks one map to be played on). The team that did not pick the map can choose side to start off on the pistol round.
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