Insurgency shoutcasters wanted!
Do you want to get into casting but just never had the opportunity? Check out more information below to get started!

Shoutcasting for ESL

You'll be shoutcasting our upcoming tournaments whether it's on of our Weekly 5on5 Community Cups, Seasonal Cups or other special events.


You must stream via This is absolutely mandatory.

You must have good stream performance. In other words, your stream must be "watchable". If you have a really poor video quality, or your microphone does a weird sound, or your network connection doesn't allow you to have a smooth stream, we will decline you. Note that we don't ask for a max setting stream, only the required to have a nice and enjoyable experience watching it.

You must be able to communicate in English! Although we wont restrict the casters to stream in English only, you need to communicate with admins and players!


We allow casting in any language, although our current goal is to find English casters.


If you are interested in casting one of our tournaments, you need to make an application via Support Ticket in English, stating the following information:

Name the event you want to cast
Link your account / channel
Your Nationality
The cast language
Please provide at least one (more) way to be contacted

We're looking forward to working with you!

// Your Admin Team

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