Insurgency ESL Configs & Theaters Guide
The ESL Insurgency Configs & Theaters have been updated! We have changed the system to have a better base for implementing all the new things that you may need for participating in upcoming events.
In this guide we will show you the additions and changes we have made to the Configs & Theaters. We will also look at the specifications needed to host your own ESL Server and how to install it. It is important to note that the ESL Theaters & Configs were created to suit competitive gameplay and so your experience may vary to the standard public firefight currently offered.

ESL Insurgency Theater & Configs

Theater files in Insurgency allows us to modify and tweak almost everything (excluding the gamemodes itself and core game mechanics). Once subscribed to the playlist uploaded in the steam workshop, this playlist will appear just under the normal 5v5 Firefight Playlist and all servers running the Comp ESL Insurgency playlist will be able to be joined through this! Now it's easier than ever to play ESL!

The ESL Theater is similar to the default competitive theater that is currently used for public matches. We have utilised our experience as competitive players in Insurgency to help build the ultimate Insurgency experience. We have changed class load-outs, preventing Flankers the ability to equip HE nades and assault rifles, but providing silencers for primary weapons and flash grenades.

The ESL Playlist simply organize the game-mode-related structure of the match, including round-time, round-limit, preparing-time, respawns, capture times and much more. The ESL Configs also houses 'sv_pure 2' and other command lines that prevents the use of ANY custom content.


Check the Link below for an Installation Guide that also provides both Client and Server Files for ESL Comp.

Insurgency Competitive Server Configs

Upcoming Updates:
We are currently working on a lot of things here at ESL! Give us some feedback and ideas about the theater/ configs that we can work with. We are also updating all theaters and config files to ensure that they are compatible with any game updates released by NWI.

We are also working hard on providing the best support system that we can! So do not hesitate to drop us a Support Ticket!

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