Groupe d intervention special vs. Re-Un!ted.
Contestants Parameters
 4.  6.

 Groupe d intervention special
Status: closed
MatchID 31565949
Date Sunday, 02 August 20:00
Calculated Monday, 03 August 22:59
Map 1 Siege_EX
best_of 1
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8 : 8
Points +1 : +1

Groupe d intervention special


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comments (12)
Hello guys, can you start eliminating ?
done that like 4 times already
have to start over again!...
We eliminate Inner hospital, i write it here so we will not have to restart again.
When can you play guys? We prefer from monday to thursday, what about you ?
we delete Harbor Assault
THE MAP IS SIEGE. We don't do that again ;P
We like to play on tuesdays the 28th of july at 21:00 hours, is that ok?
:( then I will not be able to face off Dev!l :( :(
Sorry guys but we have too many players on holyday this week and we will not be able to have 5 of us tonight :/

I propose you monday 03 August at 21h00 21h30.
Then for sure we can play...
Hey dominator - I will check with the team..
Tnx for letting us know ..
Hey guys im the attending Team captain for tonight and yeah sure no problem we can postpone :) Lets set the date at monday 03/08 at 21h00?
Ok, thank you guys. So we play monday 03/08 21h00.
Sorry for late postpone by the way :/
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