Team SuperSicK vs. Portuguese Rangers
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 Team SuperSicK
 Portuguese Rangers
Status: closed
MatchID 31572812
Date Sunday, 16 August 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 01 September 00:49
Round Grand Final
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Result Media
9 : 4
9 : 7
Team SuperSicK wins !
Tuesday, 01 September 00:30
177 kB, Tuesday, 01 September 00:30, by waNted (SSK)
Tuesday, 01 September 00:30
176 kB, Tuesday, 01 September 00:30, by waNted (SSK)
* No longer available

Portuguese Rangers

Team SuperSicK

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comments (5)
Hey, when you wanna play this? What about Thursday (after 22) or Wednesday?
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I think that wednesday will be better, but i will let you know asap
We might also be able to play Friday, not sure tho
friday it would be better i think...
Portuguese Rangers: Shadowstep_EX
Team SuperSicK: Springstreet_EX
OT: Harborassault_TH
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