Mobcrush Cup Series Red

The Modern Combat 5 Mobcrush Cup Series Red was a weekly 5on5 cup series with a monthly final at the end of each month, hosted on the Android version of MC5. The Mobcrush Cup Series featured up to €500 in prize money every month, with the winning team of each weekly Mobcrush Weekly tournament taking home €50 prize money.

The top teams of each weekly tournament received ranking points, which earned them a better seed in upcoming Modern Combat 5 Mobcrush tournaments and qualified teams for a slot in the Mobcrush Monthly Final with €200 prize money as prize for the best teams!

  • 1 cup every Saturday
  • Monthly finals with €200 as prize for the winners
  • Saturday: €50 as prize & ranking points
  • Stream your matches live on Mobcrush for an additional chance to win €100

Past Tournaments

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