Mobcrush Cup Series Blue

The Modern Combat 5 Mobcrush Cup Series Red is a weekly 5on5 cup series with a monthly final at the end of each month, hosted on the Android version of MC5. The Mobcrush Cup Series will feature up to $500 in prize money every month, with the winning team of each weekly Mobcrush Weekly tournament taking home $50 prize money.

The top teams of each weekly tournament will receive ranking points, which will earn them a better seed in upcoming Modern Combat 5 Mobcrush tournaments and could possibly qualify your team for a slot in the Mobcrush Monthly Final with $200 prize money as prize for the best teams!

  • 1 cup every Saturday
  • Monthly finals with $200 as prize for the winners
  • Saturday: $50 as prize & ranking points
  • Stream your matches live on Mobcrush for an additional chance to win $100

Previous Cups

Monthly Finals

Every month 8 of the best teams in Mobcrush Cup Series Blue compete for the grand prize of $200 and the title of being the best team of the month. Are you among those teams? Prove it in the Saturday cups!

Current Monthly Ranking

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Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1. $200 Prize money

MC5 Mobcrush Blue
October 2016 Champion


BracketsGrand Final

Stream your matches and win $100

Get a reward for streaming your matches
After a month all players who streamed their matches on Mobcrush will have a chance at winning $100 prize money, so make sure to stream all your matches and increase your chances. To be part of the coverage raffle you need to link your stream link below the matches you are streaming.

How to stream on Mobcrush?
It is very easy to stream your matches on Mobcrush. All you need to do is to download the Mobcrush app for Android or iOS, login to your account and broadcast your gamplay with one touch.
More details on Android and iOS streaming can be found on the official webiste.

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