MAGGI® HOT CUP® #DudukRumah Community Tournament

Nak buat apa kalau disuruh untuk duduk di rumah selama 14 hari? Gamers: KITA MAIN GAME!

MAGGI® HOT CUP® bersama ESL membawa anda MAGGI® HOT CUP® #DudukRumah Community Tournament, di mana anda dan rakan-rakan anda boleh bermain, berlatih, menyertai dan menang hadiah lumayan bersama rakan-rakan anda!

Terdapat 3 online cups untuk anda sertai dan berpeluang merebut hadiah terkumpul 20,000 in-game Diamonds dan wang tunai RM1,500!

Ini masanya untuk #DudukRumah, main game dan menang!


What do you do when you're asked to stay at home for 14 longggg days? Gamers: We play games!

MAGGI® HOT CUP®, together with ESL presents to you the MAGGI® HOT CUP® #DudukRumah Community Tournament, where you can get together with your friends, train, participate and win awesome prizes.

There will be 3 online cups to participate in and you will have the chance to compete for a prizepool of 20,000 in-game Diamonds and RM1,500 cash!

It's time to #DudukRumah, play games and win it all.

Click below for the sign-up link:

Tournament 1

Tournament 2

Tournament 3

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