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Tom 'pwnyy' Huberty  id: 2347822

Name Tom Huberty
Nick pwnyy
Member since 07/03/07
Age / Gender 29 Years / male
Nationality  Luxembourg
Territory Luxembourg
Occupation Student
Employer / University / School LTAM
Main team --
Homepage --
Events: DFIII LAN(60 Person);DF IV(60);Normal LAN(30) HESE (124 Person);Sleepless 8(100),DF IV(60),DF V(50) HESE II(130)
Next Event:HESE III
Skill: mid
ClanHistory:SoD;DB;opTec'X(LuxSquad);QpiK-Gaming  more...  
Level & Awards
  2 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Source
League of Legends
Clubs  public
Recent matches
  League of Legends 1on1 Ladder
loss 5861286  -27 Sunday, 01/05/11 12:30 1
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