What is Go4LineOfSight?

The Go4LineOfSight is a weekly tournament starting on 5th February. Every Sunday at 18:00 CET you and your team will get the chance to battle against other teams from all over the world. The winner will not only get fame but also $100. In addition there will be a big monthly final with an additional prize pool of $500.

  • One cup each Sunday with $100 prize money & Go4LineOfSight points
  • Monthly Finals with $500 prize money split between the top 2

How to play Go4LineOfSight

Starting to play in our Go4LineOfSight Series is very easy!

We've created a full how-to-play guide for easy signup and playing in our Go4LineOfSight cups! Check it out, signup for the next cup and start competing with the best teams and your chance to win $100 in the biggest cup series for the game!

How to play Go4LineOfSight

Upcoming Cups

Monthly Finals

The Monthly Final will take place at the beginning of each month. The final will consist of eight teams who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a total prize money of $500.

Current Monthly Ranking

Full Monthly Ranking
Overall Ranking

Prize money distribution

Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1. $350
medal_silver_3.png 2. $150
medal_bronze_3.png 3. 1,000 Gems

Go4LineOfSight May 2017 Champions

Unemployed Midnight Midgets

Full brackets

Past Cups


The Go4LineOfSight Series was started in February 2017.

Monthly Rankings


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