Konstantin 'mastaZ' Sokov  id: 4759153
CPU Core i5
RAM 16gb
Videocard 780GTX
Storage 500Gb
Display Samsung
Antivirus Eset antivirus
Mouse Logitech G400
Mousepad Razer Galiathus
Keyboard Logitech G15
Headphones Logitech G35
Connection Beeline
Joypad Gamepad on Xbox360
TV Sony
Console(s) Xbox360
Mobile Phone iPhone 5s
Drink Ice Tea
Food pizza
Movie Lord of the Rings
Music all
Song h-blockx - i've got a power (snap cover)
Book "metro2033"
Book author Stiven King
Actor / Actress Bruce Willis
Car Osten Martin DB8
Sport Light Atlehtic
Athlete yes
Map Argentan
Clan Muppets
Player Tomsku
Game Hero Sam Fisher
Genre RPG
Console Xbox360
Favourite Websites
Website 1 https://www.faceit.com/pl..
Website 2 http://vk.com/mstaz
show me bitche's your skill