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Nick Maxe
Member since 30/11/14
Age / Gender - / male
Territory Sweden
Main team Gas Bill Inc.
Proffesional player. Played in challanger lcs for a while but now im just chilling with my bois.
Send me offer if u want me to join ur team. Maining support so izi life!
Level & Awards
  1 Awards  
League of Legends
Recent matches
  LoL Open Ladder 1on1 EU West
loss Winter  -25 Tuesday, 23/12/14 17:00
  EU West 1on1 Proving Grounds #106 (23.12.14)
loss xettikaboo  0 Tuesday, 23/12/14 14:00
win 8762007  +2 Tuesday, 23/12/14 13:30
win (bye)  Tuesday, 23/12/14 13:00
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