Welcome to the Red Bull 5G League of Legends Tournament!

Welcome to the Red Bull 5G League of Legends portal, here you can enter all the available qualifiers.

To enter select one of the qualifiers below. Make sure you choose the correct qualifier depending on whether you are representing either the North or South and you only have to enter one qualifier to be in with a chance of qualifying for the next round!

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Upcoming Cups


As the tournament progresses, come back here to see the teams that have secured qualification to the Qualifier Finals.
   North South
 Qualifier 1  PerilousVOID  RECALL
 Qualifier 2  Team Sublime  New Breed UK
 Qualifier 3  Enclave Gaming  Indecisive Team Name
 Qualifier 4  UoY Bother  University of Exeter

Past Cups

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Red Bull 5G is a unique eSports tournament that gives you the opportunity to show off your gaming skills in the ultimate battle between the best players from the north and south of the UK. The victors will win an all-expenses paid trip to Japan, the original home of Red Bull 5G.

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