What is Go4LoL?

Go4LoL Europe is a cup series running since September 2010 and is open to all League of Legends teams. It’s a monthly series with weekly cups, and the best teams are invited for a monthly final. The weekly cups are played every Sunday at 15:00 CET, where teams are able to earn them self 150 EUR & Riot Points and Go4 points, as these decides which teams will compete at the monthly final. The Go4LoL monthly final consist of the eight highest ranked teams from the month’s weekly cups, and has a 250 EUR cash prize for the team placing 1st. If you need a team and/or player for your team check the ESL League of Legends Forums.
  • 1 cup each Sunday
  • Monthly finals with 250 EUR prize money
  • Sundays: 150 EUR prize money , Top teams earn Riot Points & Go4LoL points

Intel Go4 Challenge and raffles

Intel Go4 Challenge
The Intel Go4 Challenge was created to provide an extra incentive for the top tier teams. Teams will have to win 3 monthly finals until the end of the year to win an additional 1,000 EUR.

Team June July Aug. Oct. Nov. Dec.

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Raffle of prizes (monthly)
We will raffle 5 paysafecard per month each worth 15 EUR among all participants of the Go4LoL Series

Raffle of Intel® Core™ i7 processors
Like last year Intel is providing an Intel® Core™ i7 processors, which will be raffled between all players competing in the Go4LoL EU West Series. You will get one raffle ticket per tournament you compete in, so the more you play the higher chances you have of winning a CPU.

Raffle of IEM Certified PC
Additional to that we will raffle one IEM Certified PC among all playing competing in all Intel Go4 Series. For each tournament you compete in you will get one raffle ticket, so the more you play, the higher your chances are at winning.

Upcoming Cups

Monthly Final Details

The Monthly Final, starting 1st May 2018, is a single elimination bracket with a prize pool of 250 EUR and the winner takes it all. The Monthly Finals takes place shortly after the last cup of a month and will always be announced at the end of each month.

Current Monthly Ranking

Full Monthly Ranking
Full Overall Ranking

Monthly Final Prize Distribution

Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1. €250
September 2018 Champion


BracketsGrand Final (with stats)

Past Cups


  • The Go4LoL Series was started in September 2010

Monthly Rankings

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