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Most Matches Competition

At the end of every month we reward the most active ladder player through the Most Matches Competition and it doesn't matter if you win or lose, if you are the most active player, you win one month ESL Premium!

You can join the competition by playing in one of our European 1on1, 2on2 or 5on5 Ladders.

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European Schedule

Compete in the League of Legends Ladders:
1on1 Ladder - Sign up now
2on2 Ladder - Sign up now
5on5 Ladder - Sign up now

A detailed Ladder FAQ can be found here

Every Tues- & Thursday 19:00 CEST
European Community Cups

Every Sunday 15:00 CEST
Go4LoL EU West - Sign up now

Go4LoL EU West features one cup each Sunday with the chance to win 150 Euro prize money and qualify for the 250 EUR monthly finals.

Highlighted Competitions

Find out more details about the highlighted competitions on these portals:

Every Sunday 16:00 CEST
Domino's Go4LoL Spain

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ESL National Championships

ESL Meisterschaft

Qualify through the German Major Ladder for the ESL Meisterschaft. More details can be found on the German Portal.

The ESL Premiership

All details about the qualifications for the ESL Premiership can be found here. Also keep an eye on the official website for upcoming details.

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