Sponsors pls vs. No Name Team
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 Sponsors pls
 No Name Team
Status: closed
MatchID 31417629
Date Saturday, 16 May 17:00
Calculated Saturday, 16 May 19:34
Round Grand Final
best_of 3
best_of 3
map 5on5 Map (Summoners Rift)
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2 : 0
Sponsors pls wins !

No Name Team

Sponsors pls

No Name Team
16/05/15 13:35

dogovorili smo se za bo1, gg wp.
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No Name Team agreed to play bo1 and the loser surrenders next game automatically.
Dogovorili smo se za best of 1, pa su decki pobjedili taj i mi predajemo drugu

We agreed to best of 1 , so we surrender 2nd game as we lost 1st one
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