Quick Rules

To Receive RP prizes from the tournament, each player has to be registered on the Riot events site for this tournament!
  • Only the winner team advances to the Online Playoff
  • Server: EUNE
  • Mode: Single Elimination, Best of 1
  • Final: BO3


In case more than 64 teams participate in the tournament the following RP prizes will be given:
Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1. 5x 4800 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win XP Boost + SEC Season 6 Online Playoff slot
medal_silver_3.png 2. 5 x 3600 RP, 4-Win XP Boost
medal_gold_3.png 3. 5 x 2400 RP, 4-Win XP Boost
medal_gold_3.png 4. 5 x 1200 RP, 4-Win XP Boost
5.-8. 5 x 4-Win XP Boost

€ 5000 will be split among the TOP 4 of the offline finalists with the following structure:

Place Prize
medal_gold_3.png 1. € 2500
medal_silver_3.png 2. € 1500
medal_gold_3.png 3. € 600
medal_gold_3.png 4. € 400


Need more help? Feel free to open a support ticket or join our Discord Channel for any questions that you might have regarding to the tournament.


Is this your first time? Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the right to sign up and check in
  • If check in is enabled, make sure to check in on time
  • Wait for your first match to show up on the right
  • Get in contact with your opponent and play the match
  • Enter the result and ask your opponent to confirm
  • Wait for your next match

Still need help? During the cup, use chat if it is available, otherwise please contact support.