Smoke Rage vs. Mordercze Pendolino.Go4LoL
Contestants Parameters

 Smoke Rage
 Mordercze Pendolino.Go4LoL
Status: closed
MatchID 33345058
Date Monday, 22 February 19:00
Calculated Monday, 22 February 20:37
Round Semifinals
best_of 3
map Summoners Rift
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Result Media
2 : 0
Smoke Rage wins !
Monday, 22 February 19:20
Round 1
124 kB, Monday, 22 February 19:20, by intboy94 (MordP)
Monday, 22 February 20:33
1.4 MB, Monday, 22 February 20:33, by Kermys (SMKR)
comments (6)
We might be late for first game because we are playing qualification for Polish Championship Cup.
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so you have the 15 minutes to be late lol
Kermys wrote:
so you have the 15 minutes to be late lol

You are breaking rules, a player who isn't added to the team, can't play in the current match
19;15 we should start the game, the game should be played 4v5 or w/o otherwise add gameaccount but there's not much time left
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Please start a dispute so we can deal with this.
gg admin won, clown fiesta
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