Peter 'Fox1ne' Konidaris  id: 9140689
Drink Sprite
Food Greek souvlaki
Movie Spice & wolf
Music any
Song bring me the horizon
Book Legends and Ghost stories
Book author -
Person My mirrored self
Actor / Actress Paulina Zander (♥_♥)
Car -
Sport Electronic Sports
Athlete -
Map Anime world
Clan TSM,Echo Fox
Player Fox1ne
Game Hero Ahri from League of Legends
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Fox
Genre Any
Console All
Favourite Websites
Website 1
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Website 3
Website 4
Greek Semi-Professional League Of Legends Player
(Role-Mid Laner)
& Semi-professional coach/analyst

Started up as a player since season 1(2010), played as a casual player,since end of season 2 until start of season 3 started playing and participating as competitive player in ESL EU tournaments,

season 3 individual achievement:
-Top 5 Ahri in the world

After my first steps into the competitive scene i found myself in many competitive/semi-pro organizations in Greece.


-Joined Elysium Gaming Academies for tryouts
-Same year i've been awarded as one of the top 5 best mid laners in the whole organization

- Joined for try out in Test your Limits Academy
- Awarded as a great strategist,shotcaller and rare mid laner
- Been offered to join in 2016 Test your Limits main roster

Those are some of the past teams and organizations i've been participating as a player(mid laner), i have even more recorded on my team history. And ofc i'm looking and i'm willing joining more in the future.

As player experience,moved on to coaching individuals and participated in a lot of teams outside of my country(Greece) and i've been awarded as a great Coach/Analyst with lots of positive reviews.
i would love to join the professional ladder with a team for Riot tournaments.

Current aiming:
-Riot tournaments
-ESL EU tournaments(EUW & EUNE)
-Dreamhack events
-Intel Extreme Masters