Meta-Midnight Gaming vs. Laughing Coffin
Contestants Parameters

 Meta-Midnight Gaming
 Laughing Coffin
Status: closed
MatchID 31936302
Date Sunday, 18 October 17:15
Calculated Sunday, 18 October 17:52
Round Round of 32
best_of 0
map Summoners Rift
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Result Media
0 : 1
Laughing Coffin wins !

Laughing Coffin

Meta-Midnight Gaming

18/10/15 11:52
Gameaccount mismatches:

blackr1ver has no ESL account
MmG cala has no ESL account
Dainsane has no ESL account
AmusedXD (Player 6896522) does not belong to team 9366621
Seraphael (Player 9052520) does not belong to team 9366621
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