Quick Rules

  • Cards from Hearthstone expansion of "Goblins and Gnomes" are not allowed at this stage of the tournament.
  • Mode: Best of 3
  • This bracket is being played till RO16! (after that, the 16 players left will be placed in another bracket)
  • Each player picks a class.
  • Creating new decks in the middle of match (challenge) is not allowed.
  • Sideboarding is not allowed.
  • Max. Pause time in Best of 3: 5 minutes.


medal_gold_3.pngFirst place: 150 Euro ESL Shop Voucher + Hearthstone T-Shirt + Hearthstone Mug
150.png tshirt.jpg cup.jpg
medal_silver_3.pngSecond place: 100 Euro ESL Shop Voucher + Hearthstone T-Shirt + Hearthstone Mug
100.png tshirt.jpg cup.jpg
medal_bronze_3.pngThird place: 50 Euro ESL Shop Voucher + Hearthstone T-Shirt
50.png tshirt.jpg
medal_bronze_3.pngFourth place: Hearthstone Mug
medal_bronze_3.pngSpecial prize: StarCraft Hoodie

hoodie.jpg If you are also a StarCraft fan, you have the chance to win this all-cotton hooded sweatshirt, that is given by the tournament organizers. This special prize will be awarded to the best starter player that ended in the highest rank in the tournament.

So basically, if you just started to play Hearthstone through this tournament, you have a chance of winning this hoodie!
arrow_right_black.gifProduct information


Need more help? During the cup join #slack in channel #turtlehstournament .

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