Quick Rules

Setup your account

  1. Add or update your gameaccount using the widget on the right. If you encountered any problems at this point, please contact support.
  2. Click "Sign up" and follow the instructions.


  1. Get in touch with your opponents, create a lobby and make sure everybody is invited.
  2. Take a screenshot of the lobby, before starting the game (invite list need to be visible).
  3. Take a screenshot of the final result.

Please remember to always upload your screenshots as match media to the match page.


  • Each round consists of 1 match.
  • Top 4 players from each group will advance to next round.
  • If a player from your group did not show up, start the game without them. However, you are forced to play with a random person a this point. No inviting friends allowed. In the end mention random users IGNs that they would be excluded if group wasn't full.

Please note that the scores will be added to your match within a few minutes after your game ends. The score will be only taken into the account, if your gameaccount attached to your ESL Profile is exactly the same as your Summoner Name.


Every winner of each Staffcup will win a prize. They are allowed to pick something from the Exclusive ESL Items at the ESL Shop.
In addition to that we will have a raffle with all participants. The lucky one will win a mousepad.

To claim your price please write a supportticket to Staffcups (Global). If you want to get more information about the prizes visit the Staffcups Portal.

To promote fairness to volunteers - all paid staff or contractors from ESL wont get the ESL Shop prize when they win a Staffcup as they get paid for their work.


41484d92c876f76b20c7f746221e8151.svgLooking for your opponents or need help? During the cup join ESL Play on Discord and contact one of the Staffcups Admins.