Los Rompe-ca3  RC3  id:  12848565
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Leader 1826 days
Arena of Valor Nickname (Europe): Zchatten  (22.09.17)
Auto Chess ID: 111111  (17.02.22)
Clash Royale Account: #C9Q2U2C89  (01.12.21)
Free Fire ID: 1957354657  (05.04.22)
Free Fire Nickname: Zchatten1234  (05.04.22)
Legends of Runeterra ID: Zchatten#NA1  (23.08.20)
Paladins: Zchatten  (06.08.18)
PSN Online ID: Zombra_Vikingo  (29.11.20)
PUBG ID: Zchatten  (11.12.18)
New State Nickname: 1234567891234567  (07.03.22)
Steam Account: Zchatten The Viking StormTrooper  (25.02.19)
Summoner Name (Latin America North): Zchatten  (15.05.20)
Xbox Account: VikingZchatten  (19.06.19)
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Fighter 1826 days
Auto Chess ID: GP4PJ6  (17.02.22)
Clash Royale Account: #2VQLVRRLR  (01.05.19)
PSN Online ID: Twitch_Capboy  (25.04.20)
Summoner Name (Latin America North): BoysitoEc  (15.05.20)
Fighter 1826 days
EA ID (PC): Kromantic  (26.02.19)
Steam Account: Kromantic  (18.05.19)
Fighter 1826 days
Paladins: Bottabata22  (28.11.16)
Summoner Name (Latin America South): rage queen  (28.05.20)

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