Quick Rules

  • Realm: EU Server
  • Mode: 1on1, Best of three
  • Heroes: All Heroes are allowed
  • Cards: Only Basiccards (if both players agree all cards are allowed)
  • Decks: Changing between the matches is allowed
  • Leaving a challenge is not allowed at any point and will result in a one game loss for the player who left the challenge!


Every winner of each Staffcup will win a prize. They are allowed to pick something from the Exclusive ESL Items at the ESL Shop.
In addition to that we will have a raffle with all participants. The lucky one will win a mousepad.

To claim your price please write a supportticket to Staffcups (Global). If you want to get more information about the prizes visit the Staffcups Portal.

To promote fairness to volunteers - all paid staff or contractors from ESL wont get the ESL Shop prize when they win a Staffcup as they get paid for their work.