TvTours vs. ESL All-Stars
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 ESL All-Stars
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MatchID 37370267
Date Friday, 29 November 22:00
Calculated Friday, 29 November 23:07
Map 1 de_overpass
best_of 1
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16 : 13
TvTours wins !
Friday, 29 November 23:13
Round 1
23 kB, Friday, 29 November 23:13, by DGN

ESL All-Stars


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Pre-Match Statements

Q: You finally got your team together for your first two matches. One of the teams you'll be facing is TvTours who are fielding their superstar Rushly. It seems, TvTours are building their system around him as their key player. Do you have any plans in motion on how to neutralize Rushly? What are your expectations going into the match?

Marvin "MrTech" Orthey: With very busy people like Elias "tizzy" Tizagzit" in our team it is hard to find the time to play some games.
We are aware of the thread that Rushly is posing and developed multiple strategies to take him out of the game. Rushly should better watch his back on the server :troll:.

Q: With your overtime win vs PDG, you beat one of the top contenders in your first match. It was a close match in which you came back from a 11-15 deficit, reaching overtime and then winning the match. Would you say your team's mentality is one of your biggest strengths? What are your expecations for your match vs ESL All Stars tonight? Will they be a similar challenge?

Tom-Eric "DGN" Halvorsen: "I love it. Our mentality is one of the best you can have I think. It's just another game. We'll be playing without our top fragger, Rushly but this shouldn't change much for us. Prior to our previous game we had never practiced together or discussed any strategy, it was a good warm-up. Now that we are a little more familiar with each-others play styles we should see a performance increase but really... with the All Stars trying to back out of tonight's match I don't think there is anything to worry about."
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