CLONK vs. The Truers
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 The Truers
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MatchID 37370228
Date Tuesday 29 October 2019 20:00
Calculated Tuesday 29 October 2019 20:47
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16 : 8
CLONK wins !


The Truers

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Prior to the match we sat down with the Team Captains, Oli from CLONK and Oli from The Truers who gave us their insights on what to expect from tonight's match-up.

Q: So what's your expectations going into tonights match? You will be facing CLONK who have shown a great result in their first Match vs PDG. Do you think you will be able to make it competitive?

Oliver "The Laaw" Brix: "You know we've been putting in the work, the hours needed, proper commitment to this. Spent the last week in bootcamp with The Truers, so we're extremely confident, not only about tonight's match, but about the whole cup.
It's all about the teamwork, and to be frank, our teamwork is flawless. We wish CLONK a good game, even thought in reality, we know it'll be a terrifying experience for them.

Q: In your 2nd Round Match-Up, you will be facing The Truers. You are coming into this match after beating PDG with an impressive 16:5 scoreline on inferno. However, your best performing player David "z" Silva is missing from the lineup - What are you expectations coming in the match?

Oliver "Oli" Munkebo: "The game against PDG was just a warmup match, we are feeling hot right now after a good practice weekend. Baser, Andy and I played loads of practice in the weekend, so we are more than ready to take on “The Truers”.
We have created a system based on Engineering concepts called Scrum. So we are extremely agile in the players we play with. We expect to beat The Truers in a beautiful fashion."
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