Frequently Asked Questions

Can I compete in both the Path to Pro and the Pro Series tournaments?
Yes, however the Path to Pro series has an Injustice Pro Series Point cap of 45. Meaning that should a player obtain 45 points or more in the Injustice Pro Series, they will be no longer eligible to play in the Path to Pro Series. Should a player qualify for the Path to Pro Finals and then obtain 45 Pro Series Points at a later date, they will forfeit their spot in Path to Pro and the place will be passed down to the 2nd place of the week they qualified. This includes prize money earned for the week they won.

Can I compete in Pro Series tournaments after Path to Pro has finished?
Yes, after Path to Pro is finished there are still various Pro Series tournaments scheduled. The full schedule can be found here Everyone, (except the overall winner of Path to Pro) is welcome to compete in these.

I preordered Injustice 2 on the PSN, can I still compete in the Month of Power?
Yes, please email a screenshot with proof of purchase of the preorder to and once approved we’ll share a premium key with you.