MadCorps eSports vs. Eris Bande
Contestants Parameters
 51.  69.

 MadCorps eSports
 Eris Bande
Status: closed
MatchID 31252069
Date Friday, 15/05/15 14:30
Calculated 15/05/15 16:17
map Best of Three
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2 : 0
MadCorps eSports wins !
Points +3 : 0

Eris Bande

MadCorps eSports

comments (5)
Hey there!
We unfortunately wont be able to play Saturday 6pm. When are you available for matches during the following week? What about Thursday next week 8pm or smth like that?
Ok no problem
hey guys, sry to ask again, but we have to postpone again, something important for 2 of our players came accross on thursday. How is Sunday before Go4Heroes for you (3pm) :)?
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Not possible
Wednesday 8pm?
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