Blica eSports vs. Eris Bande
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 51.  87.

 Blica eSports
 Eris Bande
Status: closed
MatchID 31252057
Date Sunday, 12/04/15 15:00
Calculated 12/04/15 16:19
map Best of Three
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0 : 2
Eris Bande wins !
Points 0 : +3
12/04/15 17:29
Round 1 - pD - vs - Blica*
494 kB, 12/04/15 17:29, by Careion (EB)
12/04/15 17:29
Round 2 - pD - vs - Blica*
485 kB, 12/04/15 17:29, by Careion (EB)
* No longer available

Eris Bande

comments (7)
Hey there! Can you guys play Wednesday 8pm CEST?
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Hello Careion, yes, would be perfect at Wednesday, but we can only play at 23pm CEST. bcause its in the middle of week.
11pm CEST is pretty late for Best of 3. What other times are you available?
in the middle of the week its hard to us. people work.
Well we all have to work and get up early during middle of the week so it would be too late. What about Saturday around 2pm or Sunday evening after Go4?
its ok by me.
Aight, problem is that now, saturday 2pm doesnt work anymore cause people made appointments in the mean time. We could either play saturday early (11am cest) or friday evening. Saturday afternoon and evening doesnt work cause we got other appointments. i could still offer you sunday evening around 9pm cest.
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