Sneaky Pandas vs. Sapousse
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 30.  138.

 Sneaky Pandas
Status: closed
MatchID 31251963
Date Wednesday, 15/04/15 13:00
Calculated 15/04/15 19:06
map Best of Three
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2 : 0
Sneaky Pandas wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0

Sneaky Pandas

comments (6)
At the date 04/04.15 we were teamed up against team "Dummy3" AND we were there when we were supposed to fight against them.
We filed a "did not show" report because it was a dummy team.
I do not understand why we all of a sudden got changed to "yoloteam" 3 days AFTER the match against the so called "Dummy3" team was supposed to be held.

Giving us penalty points for not showing up to a match that we were not even supposed to be in? Yeah thats low :/
As I've already said in the protest, there are no penalty points given. It is just a bug
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Is that possible to play at 18.30 PM? there is a tournament we would like to do, if it's not possible, let's play a 19.
thanks !
18.30 should be fine with us :)
EDIT: And nvm. We magically created a substitute out of thin air and now we are 5 ;)
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wtf why did we get 1 point and draw? they didnt show up at all
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