Fnatic vs. Equilibrium in Jail
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 Equilibrium in Jail
Status: closed
MatchID 31773229
Date Saturday, 29/08/15 14:00
Calculated 29/08/15 14:25
map Best of Three
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2 : 0
Fnatic wins !
29/08/15 14:21
Round 1*
782 kB, 29/08/15 14:21, by Lowell (FNC)
29/08/15 14:21
Round 2 - - Lowell*
840 kB, 29/08/15 14:21, by Lowell (FNC)
* No longer available

Equilibrium in Jail


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Hello Participants,

We will ban Sylvanas from this match on. Due to a bug that was found during the tournament the ban will be staying until the moment Blizzard will lift the ban.

Best Regards,

your Admin Team

Fnatic won the cointoss and gets the higher seed.
Fnatic gets first pick for game #1
Equilibrium in Jail picks map #1
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