Vanquish vs. Ascent
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Status: closed
MatchID 31704577
Date Sunday, 09 August 22:30
Calculated Monday, 10 August 00:45
map Best of Three
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1 : 2
Ascent wins !
Tuesday, 11 August 06:43
Round 1*
1.0 MB, Tuesday, 11 August 06:43, by 9044947
Thursday, 13 August 21:16
Round 2 - - Mistertabaco*
724 kB, Thursday, 13 August 21:16, by 9044947
Thursday, 13 August 21:18
Round 3 - - Mistertabaco*
1.4 MB, Thursday, 13 August 21:18, by 9044947
* No longer available


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(Coin Flip!) The team on the RIGHT of this match page is Higher Seed and receives the first pick for game 1, they will make all links. Lower Seed gets first map choice for game 1.

The guide to usage can be found here:

The team which starts Hero Drafting switches after each map.

Map Selection is given to the losing team for each previous game.

A Map may only be played once each match.

PLEASE NOTE: The winning team should be uploading their replays immediately following the match.
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