Morse Force vs. Miasma eSports - White
Contestants Parameters

 Morse Force
 Miasma eSports - White
Status: closed
MatchID 34014153
Date Sunday, 21 August 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 21 August 19:20
Round Round of 32
best_of 3
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0 : 2
Miasma eSports - White wins !
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Coin toss decided in [Left Team]'s favor, and will begin with the first map ban & pick. The other team will begin with the first hero ban & pick.

For more information, see the full rules found here:
Hello teams,

Our chat system has had problems this morning. If you are here please post a message in match chat here with your battletag so that the teams can contact each other. This game is being casted I will have casters reach out to you.
tag: Puppy#11722 our team is on.
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