The Tt eSPORTS Autumn Challenge
We are proud to announce that the Tt eSPORTS Summer Challenge 2014 was a great success and that the Tt eSPORTS Challenge will continue in Autumn. On Sunday, 7th September the first Tt eSPORTS Autumn Challenge 2014 tournament will take place.
Every Sunday you will get the chance to win great hardware prizes. Prepare your deck, sign up for the first Autumn Challenge tournament and check out the prizes below.

The prizes powered by Tt eSPORTS

First place: Shock Headset
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer with pinpoint audio locations featured in the SHOCK headset.
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Second place: BLACK Element Gaming Mouse
The BLACK ELEMENT gaming mouse is a stylish ambidextrous laser gaming mouse. With a powerful laser sensor, programmable macros, selectable color lighting choices, as well as a configurable weight system - you can’t go wrong with the BLACK ELEMENT gaming mouse..
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Third place: METALCAPS (WASD; QWER or Arrow keys + ESC)
The METALCAPS accessory offers mechanical keyboard users a fun way to customize their mechanical keyboards with a metallic feel. The METALCAPS will fit on most mechanical switches with a cross shaped stem, such as Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switched and Cherry MX switches.
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Each prize can only be won once per player. If a player wins the tournament, they can choose between the three prizes. After their choice, the second place can choose. If you reach the top 3 multiple times, you can only choose from prizes you have not yet won. When you have already won each prize, the prize goes to the lottery pot.

Autumn Challenge Final

In each weekly cup you can earn ranking points like in our Go4 tournaments. The better you do, the more points you win. In January will we have a big Autumn final, inviting the top 16 players from the ranking. The best 3 players from the final will win the Verto Headset.
The VERTO headset offers strong styling paired with comfort. The head band design is auto adjusting to get the right sizing for anyone who wears it, and protein leather ear pads maintain comfort even over long hours of use. The bold geometric design is strong enough for gaming yet sophisticated enough for in-office use.
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Lottery pot

Each prize can only be rewarded once per player. When its not possible to exchange the prize because you already won everything, the prize goes to the lottery pot. In January 2015 we raffle all prizes in the lottery pot to all participants from the Tt eSPORTS Autumn cup series.

Tt eSPORTS Autumn Challenge cup #1

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Date: Sunday, 7th of September
Start: 16:00 CEST

This Sunday's cup will be an exclusive preview and test of the brand new ESL Play website! Be one of the very first players to play on the new site!

The Tt eSPORTS Autumn Challenge is powered by

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