2016 HCT Southeast Asia Majors

The 2016 Southeast Asia Majors tournament series is geared towards giving Asia-Pacific players a local, offline competitive experience while giving them a chance earn HCT points towards the season that the major falls on.

A total of 43 HCT points and a USD$5000 prize pool will be distributed to the top 8 players of each major. The event is free to join, but prospective players must be able to travel to the country where the major will happen.

If you are a local of the country and want to join in the fun (but possibly not play), don’t fret! There will be various side activities available at the venue for those who wish to simply be a part of the community. Every Southeast Asia Major tournament will strive to provide a unique experience to players. Stay tuned to find out where the next Southeast Asia Major will be!

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