SEA Legends 17 to be delayed
Due to overlap of multiple events, the next SEA Legends tournament will be delayed until further notice.
The past few months have been busy for Hearthstone, and this coming October is no exception. With Blizzcon roughly six weeks away, there is no doubt that the focus of many is towards the big event. As a result, the SEA Legends tournament series will be postponed until further notice.

After catching up with the current season number, SEA Legends ran quite smoothly for seasons 15 and 16. Now with this announced postponement, the series is set to return to its former bi-monthly state until it catches up with the current Hearthstone season again. Don't fret, though! During the downtime, the crew running the tournament will be working on upping the production quality of the live stream so that SEA Legends gets a fresh, new face when it returns Soon™!

In the meantime, the Asia-Pacific leg of the Road to Blizzcon is happening this weekend, from October 2-4. SEA representative Neilyo playing in the Hearthstone tournament for a shot to go to Blizzcon. Other tournaments include World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. The link to the stream can be found below.
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