HCS Pro League - Last Chance Qualifier Format
This weekend, sixteen teams will battle it out in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for a spot in the HCS Pro League. Of the sixteen teams, only two will come out victorious. Up to this point, six teams have already qualified:
  • Counter Logic Gaming were guaranteed a spot for their dominating performance in the Halo World Championship.

  • Evil Geniuses earned their spot by winning the PAX invitational which featured the four teams that each recruited a Team Allegiance member following their post-Halo World Championship split.

  • Allegiance, EnVyUs, Enigma6 and Renegades each secured their places in the HCS Pro League through the Summer Qualifier which featured sixteen teams invited based on their performance in the Halo World Championship.

  • For this weekend's event, the sixteen teams were chosen based on their performance over the last month. Five teams from the Summer Invitational received a bye into the LCQ by making one or fewer changes to their roster: Crowd Control, Str8 Rippin (formerly Indecisive), Team Liquid, OpTic Gaming and Soul Red. The remaining eleven spots were distributed based on this past weekend's Open Qualifiers where over 120 teams competed each day for a chance at qualifying for the LCQ.

    This Saturday, the sixteen teams will be placed into four double-elimination groups with the top two from each group advancing to the Elimination Stage on Sunday. The Elimination Stage will be a double-elimination bracket with each match being a best-of-7. The top two teams from this bracket will join the HCS Pro League.

    4 groups (16 teams) --> Elimination Stage (8 teams) --> HCS Pro League (2 teams)

    The following are the groups for the LCQ:

    Group A - Team Liquid, Clown Fiesta, Insert Org Here, High Riders
    Group B - OpTic Gaming, No barber But We Tapen, eLevate, Twisted Fate
    Group C - Soul Red, Catastrophe, French Toast Mafia, Showtime
    Group D - Crowd Control, Str8 Rippin, G-Pounders, PndaGaming


    Remember to tune into Twitch.tv this weekend, May 21-22, to check out the HCS Pro League LCQ! Stay up to date with all LCQ and Pro League news by following us on Twitter at @ESLHalo and liking us on Facebook.
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