HCS Cup #3 Recap
The Halo Championship Series by ESL held its third cup on Sunday. Teams were sorted into a 128 seed bracket to play for $1,000 in prize money and the ever so valuable HCS points which will be used to determine which eight North American teams will go to the Season 1 Finals. As announced at the last HCS sanctioned LAN event, UGC St. Louis, the finals will be held at PAX East in Boston this March.

Cup #3 started promptly and didn’t see any major upsets leading the quarter finals to consist of eight of the current top ten teams. The semi-finals’ spots quickly filled with Str8 Rippin, CLG and Denial. eLevate rose to make their first top four appearance after EG was unable to compete in game three due to connectivity problems. Although they fell to Denial 2-0, eLevate put up quite the performance on Slayer Shrine with a final score of 50-49 -- every team’s worst nightmare or greatest victory. Despite their loss, it was a great opportunity for them to showcase their abilities. Str8 Rippin found themselves in a consolation match after they lost to CLG 2-0, but went on to claim third place from eLevate 2-1.

CLG and Denial headed into the finals for the second event in a row. Less than two weeks ago at UGC, we saw these same teams battle it out with Denial sending CLG to the losers’ bracket. CLG returned to capture a win in the Grand Finals, but Denial put them down for good to seize first place. This cup we watched as CLG brought back the teamwork we saw at Iron Gaming last month. After stealing the first two matches (3 Flag CTF on Shine: 3-2 and Warlord Slayer: 50-36), Denial had one chance left to turn the tide in their favor: game three, Oddball Lockdown. Denial came out of the gates hot and it took them only five minutes to take a 152-23 lead. It wasn’t until the final quarter of the game, with only three minutes left on the clock and a 191-112 score, that CLG poached possession of the ball once and for all from their opponent to turn the tables. A minute and a half later, CLG closed down the series 3-0 to claim their first HCS Online Cup victory.

HCS Season Cup #3 Top 8 Placings

1. Counter Logic Gaming - Heinz, Royal 2, SnakeBite, Ogre 2 = 550 Points
2. Denial - Chig, Cloud, Mikwen, RyaNoob = 360 Points
3. Str8 Rippin - Naded, Tsquared, Str8 Sick, Prototype = 240 Points
4. eLevate - eLevateSpartan, Gab, MuNoZ, shaff = 160 Points
5/6. EVL Gaming - Fearris, Thrust, XC0NN, ZooWuu = 75 Points
5/6. VwS Halo - Nemassist, Svspector, Tragic, WinntuR = 75 Points
7/8. Cloud 9 - FearItself, Ninja, Hysteria, Victory X = 50 Points
7/8. Evil Geniuses - Lunchbox, Roy, Snipedown, LethuL = 50 Points

Denial’s second place finish in Sunday’s cup boosted them up one spot in the standings to secure second over Evil Geniuses. CLG’s win further solidified their top position with a 1,435 point lead. eLevate’s placing earned them enough HCS points to breach into the top eight putting them in seventh place. This week EVL also landed their highest finish by making it into the top eight.

HCS Cup #4 will be held on Sunday, January 25th. Registration is open, so feel free to sign up now to avoid the last minute scramble. For more reminders and updates about all things ESL Halo, follow us on Twitter @ESLHalo and like us on Facebook.
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