HCS Cup #2 Recap
This Sunday marked the second online cup in the Halo Championship Series by ESL. The cup was initialized with a 128 team bracket where participants competed for their chance at $1,000 in prize money as well as the highly coveted HCS points in hopes of securing a spot in the Season 1 Finals. After hours of competition from amateurs and pros alike, the top eight teams battled it out tooth and nail making it an exhilarating day for spectating.

Cloud 9 threw the first punch of the quarter finals with a 2-0 victory over Believe the Hype, the highlight of which being Ninja’s amazing 27 kills in the second game on Lockdown Slayer. Following in suit with their own 2-0 victories, Denial, Evil Geniuses and Str8 Rippin sent their opponents, Counter Logic Gaming, Scorched and Optic Gaming respectively, straight to their consolation matches.

After recovering from their defeat, CLG, last week’s Iron Gaming winner, took advantage of the consolation match to claim 5/6th over Believe the Hype after a 2-0 series. Optic, who managed a 2-1 win over Scorched Halo, shared in CLG’s success while their opponents bumped down for joint 7/8th placements.

The semifinals pitted Str8 Rippin against EG and Cloud 9 against Denial. Denial, having made it this far without any losses under their belt, channeled their momentum to one up Cloud 9 on KotH Lockdown scoring 211-120. Breaking the streak of 2-0 knockouts, Cloud 9 countered with their own triumph on Lockdown Slayer before securing their seat in the finals with a slim 5-4 win on CTF Warlord. Evil Geniuses began by catapulting into the lead over Str8 Rippin on KotH, more than doubling their opponent’s score 197-93. However, history repeated itself when Str8 Rippin mimicked Cloud 9 with their own two game rebound. Going into overtime in their final match, Str8 Rippin made the game winning cap ending the game at 4-3 and the series at 2-1.

One match remained to determine which team would reign as champion of Cup 2 and it all came down to Str8 Rippin and Cloud 9. Cloud 9 kicked it off by shutting down Str8 Rippin 3-0 on CTF Warlord. After another two matches resulting in alternating wins for the teams, Naded forced a game five with an unbelievable play. Both teams were tied at 49-49 when he swiped the rockets from a downed opponent, and, with one final shot remaining in the launcher, obliterated the last player to claim victory. Despite Str8 Rippin’s best efforts, Cloud 9 retaliated with a devastating 5-1 Neutral Bomb Assault win on Warlord to take home the $750 in prize money and 550 HCS points.

HCS Season Cup #2 Top 8 Placings
1. Cloud 9 - FearItself, Ninja, Hysteria, Victory X = 550 Points
2. Str8 Rippin - Naded, Tsquared, Str8 Sick, Prototype = 360 Points
3. Evil Geniuses - Lunchbox, Roy, Snipedown, LethuL = 240 Points
4. Denial - Chig, Cloud, Mikwen, RyaNoob = 160 Points
5/6. Counter Logic Gaming - Heinz, Royal 2, SnakeBite, Ogre 2 = 75 Points
5/6. Optic Gaming - Flamesword, Ace, Aries, Assault = 75 Points
7/8. Believe the Hype - APG, Clutch, MaNiaC, Legit = 50 Points
7/8. Scorched Halo - Nemassist, Svspector, Tragic, WinntuR = 50 Points

After IG established the highest seeds with the immense amount of points it awarded, this week’s cup served to balance out the closely ranked teams. Thanks to their second place finish, Str8 Rippin earned enough points to boost themselves over Believe the Hype, the MCC Launch Invitational champion team, and Denial’s 160 HCS point increase moved them up from eighth seed to seventh.

If you want to participate in next week’s cup, make sure you register your team and sign up as soon as possible. If you have any trouble, check out our help article. To keep up to date with all HCS news as well as live tweets of the cups, follow us on Twitter @ESLHalo or like us on Facebook. If you have any suggestions on how we can continue to improve the HCS, please let us know on our forums. Any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank all of the teams who made this event such a great success. Be sure to check back next Sunday, December 28th for Cup 3!
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