HCS Season Cup #1 Recap
The first Halo Championship Series Online Cup is in the books! The fan favorite Evil Geniuses team plowed through the bracket, only dropping one single game to Reality Check. The HCS Cup #1 Grand Finals came down to Evil Geniuses facing off against The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational Champs, Believe The Hype. Evil Geniuses went on to beat BtH 3-0 in a dominant fashion to become our very first HCS Online Cup winners.

Below is a breakdown of the series between Evil Geniuses and Believe The Hype that was played on Sunday night:

  • Game 1: Neutral Bomb - Shrine (EG 2-0)
  • Game 2: Team Slayer - Shrine (EG 50-41)
  • Game 3: King of the Hill - Lockdown (EG 178-132)
The Halo Championship Series Cup #1 featured 187 teams battling it out in Halo 2: Anniversary on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This was by far our biggest Halo tournament to date at ESL. Evil Geniuses eliminating our HCS Pre-Season winners, Counter Logic Gaming, in the Round of 64 was a major upset. In addition, the up and coming Fatal Ambition squad defeated Str8 Rippin to claim the 3rd place finish for this weekend's tournament, adding to the excitement on Sunday. The full Top 8 Placings and HCS Points distribution can be found below:

HCS Season Cup #1 Top 8 Placings
1) Evil Geniuses - Roy, Lunchbox, Snipedown, Pistola = 550 Points
2) Believe The Hype - aPG, Lxthul, Maniac, Legit = 360 Points
3) Fatal Ambition - Klein, RC, Siege, SpartanTheDog = 240 Points
4) Str8 Rippin - Tsquared, Naded, Str8 Sick, Prototype = 160 Points
5/6) OpTic Halo - Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Aries = 75 Points
5/6) Annex Halo - Arkanum, Killrelevant, OmegAisBetter, Shooter = 75 Points
7/8) Reality Check - SUDDOTH1, SUDDOTH2, ContrA, PreDevoNatoR = 50 Points
7/8) Mighty Ducks - A Dark Legacy, DoNiNaToR, IRapture, xToXsiK = 50 Points

If you happened to miss any of the first tournament, Evil Geniuses' players live-streamed the entire event on their Twitch channels. Check out the VOD of each players streams below:This weekend, Iron Gaming will be hosting their Halo 2: Anniversary 15K LAN event in Columbus, Ohio. Many top teams have planned to come out and show off their Halo skills for additional HCS Points and cash prizes. With the tournament taking place this weekend, there will be no HCS Cup this Sunday. Don't worry though, the online portion of the Halo Championship Series will resume on December 21st. For more details about the upcoming season, check out our breakdown for the entire league.

Congratulations to all teams, and best of luck to everyone competing in the coming weeks online and at Iron Games Columbus!
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