HCS Season 2 Recap
The conclusion of Season 2 of the Halo Championship Series is fast approaching with the Finals taking place this Friday, July 24th to Sunday July 26th. Before it's all over, though, let's take a look back over the season happenings.


The wake of Season 1 was littered with an onslaught of roster changes with EG being the only top eight team from Season 1 to maintain their entire roster.

Season 2 Finals Teams

Evil Geniuses: No changes
Denial eSports: Dropped Ryanoob and Cloud || Picked up APG and Heinz
Winterfox: Formerly "Team Randa" || Dropped ContrA for Arkanum following IG Atlanta
Counter Logic Gaming: Dropped Heinz || Picked up Cloud
Cloud9: Dropped Ninja || Picked up Pistola
OpTic Gaming: Dropped ContrA || Picked up Maniac
Team Liquid: Formed following IG Atlanta
eXcellence: Dropped Wolfmayyne for Spartan || Dropped Spartan and SwiftKill for eL Town and Frosty

Season 1 Finals Teams

eLevate: Disbanded
Str8 Rippin: Disbanded
Noble Black: Lost APG and Maniac. Picked up Ninja and Prototype. Disbanded following IG Atlanta.


Last Season's winning team, Evil Geniuses, who began their winning streak with Gamers for Giving 2015 back in February, has maintained their momentum all throughout Season 2; EG has taken first in both LAN events and five out of seven of the online cups. Their high level of performance has given them a substantial HCS point lead which will send them into the Finals with the number one seed. With their current record, any team looking to take home first place and $75,000 will have to go through the threat that is EG.

The second seeded Denial is hot on EG's tails, however. At Iron Games Atlanta in April, Denial revealed the first cracks in EG's armor. After defeating Cloud9 in the Losers Bracket Finals, Denial advanced to the Grand Finals and did something no one had seen for a long time: they took a series off EG. While Denial was taken down in their second series, their 3-2 victory opened up the mentality that EG is not unbreakable.

The newly formed Winterfox has taken home fourth at both offline events, but they have also seized the remaining two first place finishes in online cups straight out of EG's hands. If they can bring their online abilities to Finals, then they'll likely be a team to keep an eye out for.

Counter Logic Gaming, Season 1's runner up team, hasn't had as much luck this season as last as they will be entering the ESL Studios next week with the fourth seed as opposed to the second like last season. Despite a less than ecstatic performance throughout most of the season, CLG upset Denial in the Losers Bracket Finals at last month's HCS Indianapolis to take home second and prove that they are not a team to be overlooked.

Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming have frequently been considered rivals throughout both Season 1 and Season 2 with nearly every one of their series against each other going to a Game 5. With the fifth and sixth seed respectively, the only way these teams will face each other is if they make it all the way to the Winners Bracket Finals or the Losers Bracket Semifinals.

Team Liquid, like the current Winterfox roster, formed following IG Atlanta with Aries and Shooter from the disbanded Noble Black team, Spartan and Shooter from Season 1's disbanded eLevate roster. While they didn't place as highly as they would have liked at HCS Indianapolis, their online placings have given them enough points to push them into the Finals for one last opportunity to display their teamwork and talents.

eXcellence, much like last season's eLevate, is the underdog. They have fought hard throughout the season to make it this far and, despite sacrificing their IG Atlanta points, they have persevered and inched past teams like Noble eSports and Vanquish Halo.

After fighting all season, these top eight teams will battle it out once more for their share of $150,000. The Finals, which will be taking place at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California, will be streamed live on the official Halo Twitch Channel, but you can also attend the event in person! Head over to Eventbrite to buy tickets by clicking here. For more information such as the prize pool breakdown and casters, check out our Season 2 Finals article!

For everything HCS, make sure to give us a follow on Twitter @ESLHalo and give us a like on Facebook! Best of luck to all of the teams participating this weekend, and we hope to see you there!
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