Quick Guide ANZ HWC
Competing in the ANZ Halo World Championship? Here is a quick guide to help you navigate the tournament.

How many players can compete in a team on the open ladder?
Team size max should be 4. Coaches only register if or when a team makes it to a live, in-person event (regional finals for example). Please report misconduct via support ticket in specific matches.

How many Qualifier Cups can I compete in?
Teams may compete in as many Qualifier Cups as they choose. However, once a team qualifies into the Regional Finals they cannot compete in the Qualifier Cups. Open Ladder is still available to these teams.

How many teams compete in each Qualifier Cup?
All 4 Qualifier Cups are open for registration. The open ladder will be used to seed the cup. If you have further questions, please direct them to the ANZ HWC adminsquad on ESL Play via support ticket.

What is the format of the overall campaign?
Open Ladder -> Qualifier Cup #1 -> 1 team advances to Regional Final!
Open Ladder -> Qualifier Cup #2 -> 1 team advances to Regional Final!
Open Ladder -> Qualifier Cup #3 -> 1 team advances to Regional Final!
Open Ladder -> Qualifier Cup #4 -> 2 teams advance to Regional Final!
--- Wildcard Event -> 1 team advances to Regional Final ---

Regional Final = 6 teams from ANZ.

What are the important dates of the campaign?
Qualifier Cup #1 - Sunday 03/01/2016
Qualifier Cup #2 - Sunday 10/01/2016
Qualifier Cup #3 - Sunday 17/01/2016
Qualifier Cup #4 - Sunday 24/01/2016

ANZ Regional Final - TBA

What are the age restrictions on competing in the HWC?
These are strictly country based. Australian age limit is 15+. New Zealand age limit is 13+. Your age must meet this requirement on or before the 16th of November

Does the ladder really get reset after each Qualifier Cup?
As of this moment expect the open ladder to reset after each qualifier cup. If there is any change to this situation you will be informed before any results take place.

How do I contact an admin?
Mention the admin team on the ANZ HWC discord channel, then
Lodge a support ticket to the ANZ HWC adminsquad, then
Contact privately via twitter DM.

What is Discord, and how do I join?
Discord is a free, easy to use application that works on PC, MAC, IPhone and Android platforms. It can also be run through a web browser, although it is recommended you download the client on whichever platform you choose.

Click here to join the halo channel on the ESLAU Public Server.

There is a contradiction between two rules or something which I have been told regarding HWC.
Contact an admin immediately. If there is a situation where the answer is blurred or not immediately found, the admin team is your first port of call to get the most accurate information available.

How do we proceed with best of 3 matches?
Host Process - Team captains will execute a coin flip to determine host. The team that wins the coin flip will host the first game in the series. The team that loses the coin flip will host the second game in the series. The host will continue to alternate until the series is finished. In case of connection or hosting issues, contact support. (source: 3.3 Cup and Match Process, HWC Rules)

Veto Process - The first gametype in each ladder match will be a Team Slayer game. The teams will flip a coin, the team that wins the coin flip will act first. Each team will then alternate banning 1 map until only 1 map remains, this will be the first game played. The banned maps will then be available to be selected by a losing team to be played later in the series. The loser of each game will choose the gametype to be played for the next game. (source: 3.4 Map Rotation, HWC Rules)
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