GvG is coming to ESLGW2!
Are you ready for some sweet 15on15 action?

Get ready - because in the coming weeks, ESL will be hosting the very first open ladder tournament!

Team Anguish have led the charge, being the first team to sign up to this brand new competition.

Gather your guild, and sign up at the link below. See you in the arena!

Sign up for the GvG!

GvG 15on15 EU

Sign up now!

GvG Rules

Here is a basic rundown of the rules. For more information, head here.

  • 15v15

  • Best of 9

  • Guild Arena

  • Round is over after a wipe or gg call

  • Screenshots of each round are required

  • A player in downstate is allowed to be resurrected

  • A defeated player is not allowed to be resurrected

  • Social Media

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