About ESL Play

The professional gaming or electronic sports, short esports, is the competitive way to play online games. ESL Play offers a variety of esports events, no matter what skill level you're based.

ESL Login / Register

An ESL account is necessary to take part in the provided competitions. If you already have an ESL account, please, log in with your usual ESL account details. If you do not have an ESL account yet, you must register your new ESL ID account.

There are different options to register your ESL ID account. Simply choose the option which is suitable for you.

Game ID

To be eligible to take part, all players must enter their Game ID. This can be done at the Game ID step of the League Widget. This could be a PlayStation Network ID, a Xbox Live Account, a Steam ID, an Origin ID or something else (such as in-game nicknames), depending on the game.

For some game IDs we have a direct linkage to the provider and you can add and manage your game ID by logging in/out and (dis)connect in the linkages of your ESL account.

Supported Options: Battle.net, Origin, Oculus, Playstation Network, Steam, Supercell ID and XBOX Live.

If you or any of your team members have any problems, please contact support.

Sign up to a tournament

At first, click either Games link in top menu or Browse games on the home page and then choose a game you're interested in from the list. Then, depending on the game edition, you can now select a region or a platform you like to play on.

Now you can browse through upcoming competitions and pick suitable tournament from the list. Then simply click on the tournament you'd like to play and follow the instructions on the League Widget on the right.


Because tournaments such as cups, ladders and premierships have a fixed start date, you have to pass the signup/check-in process. First of all you have to follow the instructions of the League Widget on the right. You will need to register your Game ID at the very least.

When you meet all the requirements simply press "Sign-up" button in League Widget, accept rules and you're good to go!

Team competitions

Team competitions require a team created on our website. In order to get your new team created, press Select team in the League Widget. Now you will see two options. You can either choose existing team for the competition or create a new team and invite your friends into it by clicking Manage roster / Team Status option on the right.

When all your players are in the team and meet all the requirements of the tournament (see Team Status below) you can sign up your team by accepting the rules.

Check-in phase

The check-in phase usually begins 30 minutes prior to the cup start. You should visit the tournament page and confirm your sign up by checking in. You will have up to 30 minutes to do so, depending on the tournament. If you missed the check in you will be able to sign up again by using the late sign up phase (where available).

Team Status

Before signing up to the team competition your team needs to meet the requirements. Click on the Manage roster / Team Status link in the League Widget and you will be forwarded to new window. There you can see what’s missing. On the screenshot, for example you would need 4 players in your team with added Game ID.

If you don’t have enough members, you can use the link to invite friends to your team.

When all your friends are in the team and meet all the tournament requirements check them in and press Save. Now you are ready to sign up in the competition and check-in!

Playing a tournament

If you checked in to a tournament you will have to wait until the tournament pairings are created to get your opponent. League Widget on the right updates automatically through the tournament. You will find all information needed on the info page and rules.

As soon as you got an opponent, you can contact them and start playing. Use the official ESL Discord servers or contact them in game by using his Game ID. If you have a general question, you can use the support button in the menu but if you have a problem with your match, you should use the add protest option in the League Widget, or through this link where available.