What is the Intel Go4 Series?

Starting in June Intel is sponsoring five Go4 Series around the globe in two different games with a prize pot of over $5,000 USD per month, the Intel Go4 Challenge and 3 different raffles. The regular Go4 cups are our way of providing a battleground where aspiring players and teams can get their first taste of playing for money while honing their skills against experienced opposition. The Go4s are a place where amateur teams can play against pros and make a name for themselves as they improve their skills. Choose your game and region and compete in the Intel Go4 Series.

Upcoming Tournaments

Intel Go4 Challenge and different raffles

Intel Go4 Challenge
Each Go4 Series gets an Intel Go4 Challenge to provide an extra incentive for the top tier teams. Teams will have to win 3 monthly finals until the end of the year to win an additional 1,000 EUR / USD.

Raffle of prizes (monthly)
CS:GO: We will raffle 5 AWP | Redline per month among all participants of the Go4CS:GO Europe Series
LoL: We will raffle 20 paysafecard per month each worth 15 EUR among all participants of the Go4LoL Series (5 per series)

Raffle of Intel® Core™ i7 processors
Like last year Intel is providing five Intel® Core™ i7 processors, which will be raffled between all players competing in the Intel Go4 Series. Each Go4 Series will get its own raffle, so the more you play the higher chances you have of winning one.

The winners are DiddiDidrix, hussaR, Sayna, colder 91 and Meeeeeisuu

Raffle of IEM Certified PC
Additional to that we will raffle one IEM Certified PC among all playing competing in the Intel Go4 Series. For each tournament you compete in you will get one raffle ticket, so the more you play, the higher your chances are at winning.

Won by Autumn

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Past Tournaments

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