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Intel® Extreme Masters is the longest running global pro gaming tour in the world (www.intelextrememasters.com).

In ESL One, teams and players from all over the world compete in an eSports tournament unlike any other, with events taking place in sports stadiums all over the world (www.esl-one.com).

Over €37,000 in Go4 Series

Participate in the world's biggest cup series featuring various competitions for different games. And the best - you can win yourselves a lot of money! The Go4 Cup Series has weekly cups, where you can earn points to qualify for a Monthly Final.

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Premium Only Cups in May

Game Mode Date Prize
1on1 May 27th 50€
5on5 May 13th 250€
Dota 2
1on1 May 16th 50€
FIFA 17 (PC)
1on1 May 22nd 100€
FIFA 17 (PS4)
1on1 May 22nd 100€
1on1 May 31st 100€
LoL (EU West)
1on1 May 31st 50€
LoL (EU N&E)
1on1 May 31st 50€
S.K.I.L.L. – SF2
1on1 May 23rd 100€
World of Tanks
1on1 May 20th 100€

Join our Premium Only Cups and compete for a prize pot of €850 and ESL One Cologne 2017 weekend tickets!

Premium Only Cups Europe

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